Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saws highest precision and cutting accuracy.

Testa della sezionatrice verticale Putsch Meniconi

Vertical panel saws – SVP Premium

Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saws are the result of a continuous technical innovation.

This has developed thanks to a more than 60 years productive experience.

Therefore, Putsch Meniconi has distinguished itself since its foundation, occurred in Poggibonsi in the heart of Tuscany in far 1956, for the most accurate technical designing of reliable, precise and robust vertical panel saws and horizontal panel saws.

These characteristics, over time, have been supported by a greater and greater handling and machines ergonomy.

Nowadays Putsch Meniconi squaring machines are a reference point in the world of the industrial manufacturing of panels.

The cutting position of vertical panel saws is the feature that customers are most interested in.

In fact, this allows to these machines to be placed in every working space, also very restricted, without giving up to the highest cutting capacity.

The less cumbersome vertical cutting technology is consequently the one offered by Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saws.

With an encumbrance area starting from 5 m² Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saws make customers save on costs for adding spaces.

In fact, a squaring circular saw needs, in comparison with Putsch Meniconi machines, at least 35 m² of free surface to section full size panels.

Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saws, offer cutting areas till at least 5300 mm of width for 2200 mm of height, and a cutting depth till 80 mm thanks to the powerful motors and the blades they are equipped with.

Putsch Meniconi cutting motors have a great power and guarantee always perfect cutting results.

Our panel saws have a solid structure and offer an unmatched quality/price ratio.

Finally, the frame of these machines is entirely welded and endowed with the highest rigidity to guarantee an extremely precise cutting quality.

High technology for an always perfect cutting


Scoring unitwith 2 split saw blades

Dust collector for vertical panel saws

TRK dust collecting system


cutting blade until 300mm

Vertical cutting machine with electro-welded frame

stable and heavy duty frame, 900 kg weight

Here you have the vertical panel saw range

Vertical panel saws – SVP 133 series

Vertical panel cutting saw SVP 133 Putsch Meniconi

Vertical panel saws – SVP 145 series

Vertical squaring machine for panels SVP 145 Putsch Meniconi

Vertical panel saws – SVP 320 series

Manual beam panel saw Putsch Meniconi

Vertical panel saws – SVP 420 series

Vertical cutting machine by Putsch Meniconi

Vertical panel saws – SVP 950 series

Vertical beam saw wood cutting SVP 950 Putsch Meniconi

Vertical panel saws – SVP 980 series

Automatic cutting machine SVP 980 AT Putsch Meniconi

Materials processing



Vertical panel saws for cutting wood



Cutting plastic machines by Putsch Meniconi



machine to cut special materials by Putsch Meniconi



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