Vertical Panel Saw SVP 1080 | High technology and precision for the glass cutting.

Cutting Capacity

Vertical Panel Saw SVP 1080
Vertical Panel Saw for Glass cutting by Putsch Meniconi

Glass inspection station

The new Putsch® Meniconi Glass Inspection Station offers a space saving solution for the efficient inspection of fire-resistant glass, bulletproof glass and security glass.

Inspect for defects that were possibly not detected and may not appear on the optimisation sheet

An effective optimisation of the stock sheet

Space saving solution for an efficient inspection

Vertical panel saw for glass SVP 1080

For the cutting of laminated glass with high tickness, armoured and anti-fire glass, that offers the possibility to make VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL cuttings with the rotation of the disc carrying head.

In this way is possible to do cuttings on a glass sheet without manipulating or moving a glass sheet.

SVP 1080

Automatic saw for cutting vertical and horizontal, laminated glass, bullet-proof glass with big thickness and fire resistant glass.

Heavy steel frame

A steel frame secured on welded steel pedestals. On the frame the machine is equipped with upper and lower rails so that the beam can slide. The carriage and or cutting unit moves with two rails. One is on the top and one at the bottom of the machine.

Supporting back Plane

A supporting back plane is made of water resistant materials, equipped with a series of fixed and movable elements that allow for better levelling of the glass sheet.

Putsch® Meniconi Cutting unit

A sawing assembly complete with the vertical sliding carriage and the diamond disc housing head. On this assembly are located the main motor and additional sliding and locking elements. This allows the sawing assembly to move up and down the panel and also lock into a desired position.

Greater control on the saw unit

A beam sliding along the entire length of the machine. The sawing assembly slides on the rails provided on the beam itself. The operating board is bolted on the arm where all controls of the machine are assembled.

Wheel blocks and adjustable supports

A series of wheel blocks and adjustable supports for moving and supporting the glass sheet.

Inclined cuttings up to 45mm thickness

An angled setting of the diamond disc housing head is provided in order to obtain vertical angled cuts. Angles are in the range of 10° up to 45°, in steps of 5°, including 22°30′, for a maximum thickness of 45 mm.

Pneuamtic device for horizontal cuttings

A pneumatic device for inserting shims which are needed while operating horizontal cuts is provided on the diamond disc housing. This device is operated by a push bottom devise located on the operating board. Shims are inserted at any horizontal cutting height while operator standing on the ground.

Continuous saw unit feed regulation

The ability to regulate the working speed of either horizontal or vertical cutting operations is continuously controlled by a potentiometer located on the operation board and within operating safety parameters. On the same operation board is located a PLC allowing cutting programs for both horizontal and vertical dimensions. This unique design allows the cutting speed to be regulated by the potentiometer and also interact with the inverter. On the same operation board we have included a touch panel as interface with the PLC located inside the main electrical box managing vertical and horizontal cuts.

Ask for an offer for your vertical panel saw SVP 1080 to cut and process glass, You will be contacted by Putsch® Meniconi Trade Advisors that will give you a Customized Assistance.

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