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Enter into Putsch® Meniconi World ! Look at the interesting Video News of Putsch® Meniconi headquarters situated in the Tuscan art city of Poggibonsi ! Look at our cosy and comfortable direction, trade & administrative offices ! Get to know Putsch® Meniconi staff that develops and produces the best cutting materials machines ! Discover our high-tech assembly lines where our specilized technicians produce and assemble Putsch® Meniconi wall panel saws ! Enjoy the show !

Here are the Materials Processings that you can do with the Sensational Horizontal and Vertical Panel Saws by Putsch® Meniconi !

SVP 133-145 SERIES

Wood Cutting and Plastic Materials Cutting

Watch now the videos posted on the Putsch® Meniconi Official You Tube Channel where you can see sandwich panels cutting, alucobond® panels sectioning, dibond®, forex®, corian®, lexan®, alupanel® lite, alupanel®, melamine chipboard, solid wood and mdf squaring.

SVP 133 Panel Saws – SVP 145 Series Panel Saws

Vertical Cutting Panel Cutting – SVP 145 Panel Saw

Vertical Cutting Panel Cutting – SVP 145 AUTOMATIC

Vertical Cutting Panel Cutting SVP 145

Composites Panels Grooving


An exclusive electronic stop

The Posi-System is an exclusive Putsch® Meniconi Spa system that allows to increase the set-up speed for vertical cuts and reduce the margins of error.


SVP 320-420-420CS SERIES

Composites Cutting

Putsch® Meniconi machines and cnc machines are perfect to cut and v groove materials such as ACM, alucobond®, alupanel®, dibond®, etalbond®, reynobond® and sandwich panels. Discover how they are cut in total security and comfort by  Putsch® Meniconi revolutionary panel saws ! Watch now these videos on the Putsch® Meniconi Official You Tube Channel !


SVP 420 CS Panel Saw with clamping system

SVP 950 – SVP 980 SERIES

Special Materials Cutting

Putsch® Meniconi panel saws are equipped with a very strong frame and a blade with a very high cutting capacity: for these reasons Putsch® Meniconi panel saws can easily cut hard materials difficult to scratch such as pyrobel, pyrostop, pvc and aluminium. Watch Putsch® Meniconi machines in action and enjoy how the cutting of these hard materials becomes immediately easy and practical !

Vertical Cutting Panel Cutting – SVP 950 Series Panel Saws by Putsch® Meniconi

Putsch® Meniconi SVP 950 Panel Saw