Plywood is one of the main semifinished products that one can cut with Putsch® Meniconi vertical and horizontal panel saws and it’s made of wood layers peeled from the trunk of a tree.


Laminate floors are made of some layers of materials sectionable with Putsch® Meniconi SVP Series vertical panel saws.

Solid Wood

Vertical panel saws and horizontal panel saws by Putsch® Meniconi thanks to the resistance of their frame and the great capacity of cutting materials of their circular blades and engravers are used by joineries, wood trade companies and graphics companies all over the World to cut the hardest wood, that is solid wood.

Ennobled wood

Our panel saws are newly ideal in the sectioning of this thin material too. Putsch® Meniconi panel saws are very requested by the big furniture firms.


Chipboard, or particleboard, are the names with which people mainly address to the fiber panels composed of chips that result from the waste of common wood workings and they are easily cut with Putsch® Meniconi horizontal and vertical panel saws 100% made in Italy.

Plastic Materials


Panels of acrylic material are got through acrylic resins and are daily cut by Putsch® customers all over the World with Putsch® Meniconi vertical panel saws and horizontal panel saws 100% made in Italy.

Plastic Laminates

In each of the different applications and different uses of plastic laminate, this is sectioned through Putsch® Meniconi vertical and horizontal panel saws.

Makrolon Bayer

Makrolon Bayer is a composite material cuttable with Putsch® Meniconi vertical panel saws, that favours the construction of building projects. Numerous Putsch® Meniconi customers ask for vertical panel saws to cut Makrolon.


Our cutting machines machines always accomplish the sectioning and squaring of this material fastly and simply.


Advantageous characteristics of plastic compared to metal and non-metal materials are the great working easiness, cheapness and chemical inertness, waterproofing, unassailability by moulds, mushrooms and bacteria.


Forex is a plastic material made of expanded or semi-expanded PVC ; it is also known as Vekaplan and it is easily squarable with Putsch® Meniconi panel saws.

Plexiglass and Methacrylate

Normally Plexiglass and Methacrylate are very transparent, more than glass, to the point that they have behavioural characteristics similar to optical fiber as regards quality transparence and with the property to be more or less in different percentages, infrangible according to their “mix”.


Polycarbonate is a very versatile polymer thanks to its transparency, lightness and hurt resistance properties. Polycarbonate can be easily cut with Putsch® Meniconi vertical panel saws and horizontal panel saws made in Poggibonsi, Italy in the heart of Tuscany.


Polypropylene had great success in the plastic industry and, therefore, Putsch® Meniconi horizontal panel saws and vertical panel saws have great success for they are used to cut it.


PVC is the most versatile  plastic material known. That is the utmost “vinyl” used in the production of discs. Consequently, a great part of Putsch® Meniconi sectioning machines sold in the World and Italy is used by plastic working companies.

Composite Materials


Putsch® Meniconi vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and cnc machines are always able to cut this material in the customized ways desired by Putsch® Meniconi Spa customers.


Alucore guarantees cutting constance and regularity and can be perfectly cut by new generation of Putsch® Meniconi panel saws both for horizontal and vertical cutting.

Alupanel Lite

Putsch® Meniconi vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and cnc working centers are always the best solution to cut alupanel lite in every condition and the quantity desired by each Putsch® Meniconi Spa customer.


Etalbond is easily cut with Putsch® Meniconi panel saws thanks to their power, precision and high-affordability.


Putsch® Meniconi Spa panel saws are ideal to cut the panels of this composite material and therefore are employed by the best graphics and composite working companies in Italy, Europe and the rest of the World.

Special Materials


Plasterboard. Panel saws, cnc working machines Putsch® Meniconi are ideal to cut plasterboard of any cutting dimension desired by each Italian and international customer.


Corian: this material is commonly called “acrylic stone”. Corian is one of the most appreciated cutting materials by Putsch® Meniconi customers that live everyday a unique panel cutting experience.


Trespa panels are easy to clean and easily cut by Putsch® Meniconi vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and cnc working machines that is the most appreciated cutting machines among joineries, graphic companies and wood trade companies both in Italy and abroad.


Insulated panels offer thermal, acoustic and thermal-acoustic insulation. Putsch® Meniconi panel saws and cnc machines are the best machine to cut this highly versatile panels.


Polyuretane is employed to produce synthetic fibers, adhesives and paints. Polyuretane panels are cut by Putsch® Meniconi panel saws and cnc machines that are always the best devices to produce polyretane sheets of the customized dimensions needed by customers.


Fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic where the reinforcement fiber is specifically glass fiber. Putsch® Meniconi machines are always suitable to cut this material thanks to their high resistance, versatility and power.

Honeycomb panels

Putsch® Meniconi panel saws, cnc working machines are the best devices to cut honeycomb panels that is the most widespread panels in the building and constructive sector.