Putsch Meniconi at Ligna 2017 Fair: come and see our Great Novelties at the A16 Stand in the Hall 12 !

From May 11th till May 15th 2015 Putsch Meniconi partecipated to Ligna 2015 Fair at the Hannover Exhibition Center (Germany).

This event attracted 140 participants, among which Putsch Meniconi Spa was the most important and awaited.

The fair ended with the following statement by the participants: “4.0 Industry isn’t a revolution – it’s a natural evolution of the digital era”.

It was one of the phrases unanimously acknowledged by all the participants.

During 5 days full of action there were 13 guest speakers coming from different branches of Wood Industry, especially wood manufacturing and cutting.

Among the participants there were Putsch Meniconi Spa Trade Advisors Marco Ammannati and Giulio Fabrini.

These technical advisors spoke about their visions and experiences on the evolution of the productive processes.

They finally underlined all the aspects that electronics impact is having in Putsch Meniconi Spa cutting wood machines.

“The customer must be at the center of the company care”, was one of the statements.

This has always happened at Putsch Meniconi since its establisment in 1956.

In fact, customers represent the essential factors that determine the production of every Putsch Meniconi panel saw.

Putsch Meniconi Spa is preparing to participate to Ligna 2017 Fair.

It will be located in Hannover again, in North-West Germany, from May 22nd till May 26th 2017.

Putsch Meniconi team will welcome new customers and fidelized ones at the special Putsch Meniconi Stand (Stand A16 in Hall 12 at Hannover Exhibition Center).

Putsch Meniconi will introduce every German and International customer with its great novelties at its Panel Saws Stand.

Our experts work day-by-day to make Putsch Meniconi Spa able to give every customer its customized Best Way to Cut !