Putsch Meniconi Team: the Best Professionals Always to your Side !

The Best Way to Cut since 1956 !

Putsch Meniconi team is made of more than 50 first-rate human resources. Administration and trade offices employs the best planners, technical and sales advisors.

In fact, each of these professionals is always at Putsch Meniconi customers’s service in more than 75 nations, from the purchasing of a vertical panel saw, horizontal panel saw and CNC machine till there’s the need of a prompt assistance.

Putsch Meniconi team indeed strongly believes in the continuous technological innovation of its panel saw machines and cnc machines.

As a matter of fact, every year Putsch Meniconi invests a large part of its turnover in the research and innovation activities on its machinery.

The specialised experts that work at Putsch Meniconi are everyday engaged in looking for new construction materials and experimenting innovative horizontal and vertical cut systems with Putsch Meniconi Spa machines.

In the production and assembly workshops work the best professionals with an excellent knowledge of mechanics and electric fields acquired thanks to the attendance at the best technical institutes.

Putsch Meniconi machine production, assembly and functioning team safely manages the entire productive process that takes place in a 9000 sq.m. area.


Franco Renzi

since 1997

at Putsch Meniconi since 1972


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Eng. Marco Mari

Operative Director

at Putsch Meniconi since 1999


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Marco Galgani

GDS DIY Italy, South and Central America, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Malta, Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia,
Greece ), Egypt, Cyprus, Africa / Maghreb.

In Putsch Meniconi dal 1989


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Giulio Fabrini

North America, Northern Europe, Baltics, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Eastern Europe ( Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania ),Balkans ( Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia,
Bulgaria ) and Middle East.

at Putsch Meniconi since 2001


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Marco Ammannati

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), Turkey, Iran, Asia and Oceania.

at Putsch Meniconi since 2007


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Company sectors

Technical Office

Machine Planning, 3D Modelling and Patents.

Customer Care

Customer Assistance and Contact Management.


Costs Management and Staff Administration.


On site made Components Assembly and Imported Parts.


Frame Panel Saw Welding and Stability Control and Cutting Precision.


Warehousing of Components and Delivery Management to all Italy and the rest of the World.