Putsch® Meniconi Spa Ethics

Diversity, creativity, respect for nature: an ideal working environment!

Putsch® Meniconi Management is strongly engaged in respecting employees’ethics.

Day by day Putsch® Meniconi team create an ideal working environment where therefore the diversity of human resources is respected. We love to think us as a large family, and we try our best to make feel all workers and partners a part of it.

Putsch® Meniconi is indeed a company engaged in the eco sustainability of its cutting, plastic material and joinery machinery. Everytime we begin a new project, we strive to create  products the most ecofriendly as possible and give an answer to the next future challenges.

The entire range of Putsch® Meniconi CNC machines, vertical panel saws, cutting wood machines are compliant with international regulations and we are proud to reach everytime new goals in this field. Trust in Putsch® Meniconi panel saw is give the best chance of success to your company, and we strive to give the most efficent assistance .

We know the importance of quik and smart assistance. So do not exithate to contact us for a personalized offer. You will receive an answer in only 48h.