The new face of Putsch Meniconi.
Discover our new facilities

Putsch Meniconi rinnova il suo stabilimento

Wide, bright and dynamic spaces. Here is our new facilities, redesigned with the aim of creating a stimulating work environment.

Redefining spaces according to Putsch Meniconi ethics

Comfortable and spacious interiors designed to comply with efficiency and dynamism of our staff. Furthermore, large windows that open onto the factory rooms create a space continuity between our branches, making our whole team feel part of same Putsch Meniconi family.

New environments designed for visitors

The new headquarters will be the ideal place to receive Putsch Meniconi guests. Meeting rooms are bright and welcoming, with a large area dedicated to showroom, where our machines will always be available for any practical demonstrations of operation.



Putsch® Meniconi S.p.a. Company

Putsch Meniconi is a Tuscan company, made in Italy, established in Poggibonsi in 1956.

Here actually work more than 50 high-profile human resources with great success.

Our company is indeed able to sell its machines and give a prompt assistance to customers of more than 75 different nationalities.

This machine design company everyday strives to create new panel saws and cnc machines.

Putsch® Meniconi experts keep up with new production speed needs and saving space and time needs.

In fact, every year Putsch® Meniconi invests a great deal of its turnover in supporting its research activities.

Thanks to the attending to the best technical institutes, at Putsch® Meniconi work the best professionals.

Moreover, production and assembly clerks safely manage the entire productive process of Putsch® Meniconi machines.

This takes place in a 9000 square metres area in Poggibonsi in the heart of Tuscany.

Putsch® Group Gmbh & Co

German Putsch® Group Gmbh & Co, to whom Putsch® Meniconi S.p.a. belongs to, has 9 productive sites Worldwide. These permit to this international holding to have a widespread selling and assistance network all over the World.

Putsch® Group is present with success in the U.S.A. with its plant in Asheville, Noth Carolina, in Europe with 3 plants in Germany (Hagen, Zaven, Aachen) and 1 plant in each of the following countries: Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy (Putsch® Meniconi S.p.a. Company) and Russia.