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Univer 620 is the new vertical panel saw in the large Putsch Meniconi Spa family. Made entirely in Italy, it combines ease of cutting, efficiency and precision at a price that is truly competitive on the market. A streamlined, simplified design and the proven quality of Putsch Meniconi Spa panel saws make it a versatile model capable of processing many different materials. The Univer 620 is the intelligent answer to a wide range of market demands, guaranteeing good cutting standards with an eye on the budget.



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 Univer 620 is the ideal vertical panel saw

Technology and quality made in Putsch Meniconi Spa



Easy Handling

Discover the Benefits of Univer 620

Technical details and focus of the Univer’s characteristic components



Univer 620 is the Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saw with unbeatable value for money: a new machine with the price of a used one!

Easy to use


Like all vertical panel saws Putsch Meniconi Spa Univer 620 is handy and easy to use.



The most popular extras on our vertical panel saws are standard on Univer 620.

Small footprint


Univer’s compact dimensions make it the ideal panel saw for all limited working spaces

UNIVER Strengths

Discover why the Univer 620 is the ideal vertical panel saw for your workshop

Low level stop
Blade Ø250mm Z48
Univer repeat cutting device of horizontal strips
Univer sliding support for narrow pieces
Extra short cutting device (RH)
Univer dust catcher for horizontal cuttings (TRK)


Univer 620 as it was and as it is!


The history of Univer begins at the end of the 70s when this panel saw captures the attention of professionals presenting itself as an innovative, practical, and efficient solution in cutting panels.
Over the years, Univer has continued to evolve thanks to successive updates and improvements that have helped make it one of the most requested panel saws on the market. It was in the 1980s and 1990s, however, that it became Putsch Meniconi’s best-selling, and most in-demand panel saw, earning a prominent place well before the advent of today’s SVP models.
Today, Univer 620 is back in a completely new guise, to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market. Despite its new layout, it has been able to keep intact its basic philosophy: continue to offer our customers the same precision as always with the best value for money: a combination that is the trademark of Putsch Meniconi Spa.

Technical details

Motor output5HP
Blade diameter250mm
Blade r.p.m. (min)5300
Automatic shifting framepneumatic
Galvanised iron and polyzene supports
Max. lenght of horizontal cut4200mm
Max. height of vertical cut2200mm
Max. height of horizontal cut2080mm
Max depth of cut60mm
Scoring unit with 2 H.M. Knives


MACHINEA (cm)B (cm)H (cm)WEIGHT (Kg)


MACHINEA (cm)B (cm)H (cm)WEIGHT (Kg)


Download now or read online the brochure of the new Univer 620 economic panel saw: the best price-quality panel saw in our range!

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