CNC Kopernic is the perfect vertical machining center for cutting, drilling and milling on composite materials and ventilated facades.

CNC Kopernic: efficiency and versatility in just a single machine.

The vertical machining center designed by Putsch Meniconi Spa, CNC Kopernic, is a concentrate of technology and precision.
CNC Kopernic is an extremely productive an flexible machine due to the speed of the axes and the possibility of using aggregates. Moreover its dimensions are really compact compared to usual horizontal machining centers, always reflecting the same concept of working vertically saving space.

Curtain walls, signs and much more

CNC Kopernic is suitable for use in many sectors: graphics, construction, without forgetting the most sophisticated processes on wooden panels. CNC Kopernic is a complete machine, suitable for various uses and above all precise. Quality is always Made in Italy.

CNC Kopernic vertical machining center

The right CNC which allows to process various kind of panels saving space into the working room.
More flexibility and higher performances by using the aggregates allowing to increase the productivity and avoid dead times.

Discover the main features of CNC Kopernic

Dimensions and processing capacity

Vertical machining center dimensions

X 6500/8800 — Y 2600/3200 — Z 3500 mm

Processing capacity

X 4200/6500 — Y 1600/2200 — Z 100 mt/min

Lavorazioni possibili con le nostre macchine




It allows to create different parts of an item by an optimized process on a single panel. Substantial waste reduction with shorter processing times..




The sacrificial panel allows to make all kind of operations (V-Grooving, Drilling and Cutting ) including the contouring of the panel to be machined. V-Grooving operations is improved thanks to the 10 position tool changer where can be stored several types of cutters.




Thanks to the automatic tool changer (nr. 10 positions ) it is possible to perform different kinds of drillings both with standard tools and with special ones.

A chi è rivolto CNC Kopernic

Curtain walls



Processing HPL

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    Cutting capacity(mm) — 2200   | 4200   | 60

    Vertical panel saw with electric shifting frame, aluminium lower supports with polyzene carry-overs, ergonomic head insertion handle.

    Cutting capacity (mm) — 1600/2200   | 4200/6500   | 100

    Vertical machining center with electrospindle. Possibility to install C axis and blade axis with an independent electrospindle.