Comparison of the two best-selling panel saws
by Putsch Meniconi Spa

Which is the one that best suits your needs? Find it out by following our tips.

Here is a simple and clear guide to find out what are the advantages of the two machines, compared.

Putsch Meniconi Spa panel saws have common characteristics that make them an excellent investment in terms of quality and cost. However, it is not always easy to navigate among the different options. Find out which model is best suited to your business needs!

SVP 145 Plus: the best-selling and most popular model of the entire range

Panel saw dimensions

The SVP 145 Plus is an ideal vertical panel saw for any cutting need. Its relatively compact size and large cutting area make it one of the most popular models.

With an ergonomic cover and an automatic shifting frame, the SVP145 Plus is equipped, like the other models in the range, with a fully electro-welded frame and polyzene supports, at the base and at mid-height, to guarantee a safe and precise cut even of smaller panels.

Cutting capacity

Why choose an SVP 145 Plus rather than an SVP 420 M?

The SVP 145 Plus is one of the best-selling models, because it guarantees reliability and cutting precision, with an excellent quality – price ratio. It is an extremely versatile panel saw, suitable for cutting panels of wood and plastic and composite materials. Ideal for large wholesalers and DIY cutting centres, it is an indispensable tool even for small artisans who need to count on a compact but high-performance panel saw.

SVP420 M: high performances thanks to two linear guides and a scoring unit with an indipendent motor.

Cutting capacity

The SVP 420 M vertical panel saw belongs to the group of the most recent and high-performance panel saws. The carriage with the cutting unit slides on a double linear guide, which makes it extremely precise in the execution of the cuts, thanks also to the double motorization (HP 0.25) dedicated to the scoring blade.

Equipped with a sliding support for narrow pieces as standard, the SVP 420 M is robust but at the same time compact and easy to handle.

Cutting capacity

What makes the SVP 420 M different from the SVP 145 Plus?

SVP 420 M is one of the most complete machines in the SVP range. Equipped with linear guides and a scoring group with blades with 80mm diameter and independent motorization (0.25 HP), the SVP 420 M is a panel saw that guarantees a perfect cut: cutting precision is ensured by the scoring unit, which anticipates and defines the work of the blade; once cut, the piece can immediately go to the edge-cutting phase without going through a sliding table saw or a machining centre. Recommended for professionals, especially in wood and derivatives sector, it is also appreciated in small artisan workshops.

The two vertical panel saws can be equipped with many useful options to satisfy customer needs.

Repeat cutting device for horizontal stripes


Angle cutting device

Digital readout for horizontal cut

Digital readout for vertical cut

Dust catcher for horizontal cuts (TRK)

Supplementary low-level stop

On both models it is possible to install the Posi-System, the electronic stop for vertical cuttings which allows a faster set-up of the cuts increasing your cutting precision.

Why choose a Putsch Meniconi Spa vertical panel saw?

Space Saver
High Performance
Maximum safety and reliability
Profitable and lasting investment