Putsch Meniconi Spa celebrates the anniversary of its foundation

On 5 October 1956, Putsch Meniconi Srl was established in its very first headquarters, right in the heart of Poggibonsi (SI), before relocating to the current site in 1970. With Franco Renzi, the company’s CEO since 1997, we retrace the main stages of the company’s success.

64 years of company history are not a few: what has been the most important change since you started running the company?

If I had to indicate the most important event of all, this would certainly be the end of our important dependence on the sugar sector sanctioned in 2004 by the EU. Ours is a “particular” reality: we are part of a German group that has about ten companies around the world engaged in the agri-food sector, while we have always produced solutions for cutting panels. Since 2004 we have stopped counting on the driving force of a very strong and profitable sector, such as the one of the sugar processing and we have been taking up new challenges, both in known sectors – wood and glass – and in other totally new ones, such as plastic materials, to reach the world of advertising, signage and photography.
Today I feel I can say with conviction that the challenge taken up 16 years ago has been successfully won.

Recently the Putsch Meniconi Spa headquarters has undergone an extraordinary transformation. What was the need of such a radical restructuring?

This need arises from the desire to give an image capable of best representing what Putsch Meniconi Spa is today: a company motivated to invest in its products and people, constantly growing and open to numerous markets. We currently export our panel saws to over 75 countries around the world.

In your opinion how should we face this difficult historical moment of precariousness and uncertainty?

The situation is not at all simple, both from an economic and social point of view, but I am convinced that the very hard lesson imposed by the Coronavirus will transform us, making us a stronger and more aware of our organizational and productive capacity. It will push us to be even more attentive to the needs of our customers and closer to our partners.

If you were to summarize in a few words the path you have taken so far as CEO of Putsch Meniconi Spa, what words would you use?

I joined Putsch Meniconi in 1972, and I became its CEO in 1997. In all these years I have had countless business and personal satisfactions. Here is how I would like to summarize it: a path full of professional gratification, made possible thanks to the support and unconditional trust of the Radinger family, owner of the Putsch Group.