Discover the precision of Putsch Meniconi Spa vertical and horizontal panel saw

Vantage 95 is the solid and robust Putsch Meniconi horizontal panel saw, designed to guarantee the maximum of precision in the most intense uses.

Vantage 95 is ideal to process of a large quantities of materials. Qualities like stability and precision are connaturate in Vantage 95 and make it the perfect horizontal panel saw for intense and continuous use.

High precision, high performances

The perfect panel saw to process a lare amount of panels.

Horizontal panel saw – Vantage 95

VANTAGE 95 is the most complete horizontal panel saw, with an high cut precision, and cut optimization trough Putsch®-Cut


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Caratteristiche principali

Taglio manuale

mm 95 (mm. 110)

Taglio automatico

Standard 3-70 mt/min.
Optional 1-130 mt/min. (brushless)

Ottimizzatore taglio “Putsch CUT”

nr. 5 (3200 – 3800)
nr. 4 (4500)

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The horizontal beam panel saw has an heavy duty structure able to withstand the most difficult cutting conditions and projected for an intensive use that has very short tuning and working times. This horizontal panel saw is part of the new generation of Putsch® Meniconi Spa cutting machines that always guarantee the highest cutting precision and performance: rack-and-pinion feeding system assures precision and high-speed to avoid dangerous vibrations.

Cuts and windows

Accurate cutting

Cuts and windows

Automatic cut

On plastic and special materials

Automatic cut


Process made by horizontal panel saw


A chi è rivolto la Sezionatrice Orizzontale Vantage 95

Aziende settore legno

Aziende materiali plastici

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    Area di taglio (mm) – 3200   | 3200   | 80

    Area di taglio (mm) – 3800   | 3800   | 80

    Area di taglio (mm) – 4300   | 4500   | 80

    Sezionatrice orizzontale con taglio automatico e movimentazione del pannello tramite pinze.