Vertical CNC working center for per alucenter working | high technology and precision.

Centres d'usinage CNC Putsch Meniconi

Working capacity

Working Area

X 4000 – Y 1600 – Z 50 mm

Axes speed

X 45 – Y 20 – Z 10 m/min

 Electro-spindle motor

1 x 4 Kw – 24000 g/min

Vacuum pump

1 x 250 m3/h – 5,5 kw

CNC vertical working centers

CNC working centers for composite panels, plastic materials, Trespa® and similar panels allows to make trimmings and cuttings in different shapes.

Thanks to the automatic  tool change (nr. 10 positions) one can get better performances and higher speed of execution avoiding death times in changing and regulating every time the utensils.

Monolithic structure of high rigidity and solidity.

Programming facilitated by macro parametric and DXF. On request the integrated Nesting into the software.

Squared working plan with depressure consisting of 5 aspiration zones selecionable by the user on the basis of the panel under processing, through some manual valves situated on the machine side.

The machine is provided with special photoelectric tools positioned in correspondence with the extremities of the machine, to prevent the access to the working area during the workings.

Ask for an offer for your vertical CNC working center, Alucenter working, you will be contacted by Putsch® Meniconi Trade Advisors that will give your personal assistance to you.

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