alucenter 4016

The CNC working center for composite and plastic panels, Trespa® and similar allows to perform millings and cuttings in various shapes.
The Automatic tool changer (nr.10 positions) on board allows higher performances and faster executions avoiding dead times replacing and setting tools every time.
Monolithic structure high rigidity and strength.
Easy programming with macro parametric and DXF. Under request Nesting integrated in the software.
Grooved working table with five vacuum zones selected by the user, accordingly to the size of the panel being processed, by means of manual valves positioned on the side of the machine.
The machine is provided with special barriers with photoelectric cells, positioned at the ends of the machine, in order to prevent access to the working area during machining.


  • Working area : mm. X 4000 - Y 1600 - Z 50
  • Axis speed: : m/min. X 45 - Y 20 - Z 10
  • Electrospindle : 1 x 4 Kw - 24000 rpm.
  • Vacuum pump : 1 x 250 m3/h - 5,5 Kw
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Version with 2 electrospindles

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