Putsch Meniconi S.p.a. Company

Putsch Meniconi is a Tuscan company, Made in Italy, established in Poggibonsi – Tuscany in 1956. There actually work more than 50 high-profile human resources with great competence and success. Putsch Meniconi is able to sell its CNC machines, vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and give a prompt assistance to customers of more than 75 different nationalities.

Our company everyday strives for finding new materials and innovative technologies to build their machines with. In fact, Putsch Meniconi creates new panel saws and CNC machines both keeping up with new production speed needs and saving space and time needs. As a matter of fact, every year Putsch Meniconi invests a great deal of its turnover in supporting its research activities. Our company also supports the continuous innovation of its vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and cnc machines as well.

Thanks to the attending to the best technical institutes, at Putsch Meniconi company work the best professionals with an excellent preparation in mechanics and electronics fileds. Production and assembly clerks safely manage the entire productive process of vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and cnc machines that take place in a 9000 square metres area in Poggibonsi in the heart of Tuscany.

Putsch Group

German Putsch Group® Gmbh & Co, to whom Putsch Meniconi S.p.a. company belongs to, has 9 productive sites Worldwide in almost every continent. This permit to this international holding, and Putsch Meniconi too, to have a widespread selling and assistance network spread all over the World. In fact, Putsch Group is present with success in the U.S.A. with its plant in Asheville, Noth Carolina, in Europe with 3 plants in Germany (Hagen, Zaven, Aachen) and 1 plant in each of the following countries: Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy (Putsch Meniconi S.p.a. in Poggibonsi – Tuscany) and Russia.

Putsch Meniconi Company Productive Plant