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Putsch Meniconi is a Tuscan company, Made in Italy, established in Poggibonsi in 1956 where actually work more than 50 high-profile human resources with great success. Putsch Meniconi is able to sell its CNC machines, vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and give a prompt assistance to customers of more than 75 different nationalities.

Putsch Meniconi everyday strives for finding new materials and innovative tecnologies to create new panel saws and cnc machines both keeping up with new production speed needs and saving space and time needs. In fact, every year Putsch Meniconi invests a great deal of its turnover in supporting its research activities and innovation of its vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and cnc machines.

Thanks to the attending to the best technical institutes, at Putsch Meniconi work the best professionals with an excellent preparation in mechanics and electronics fileds. Production and assembly clerks safely manage the entire productive process of vertical panel saws, horizontal panel saws and cnc machines that take place in a 9000 square metres area in Poggibonsi in the heart of Tuscany.

Product Categories

Putsch Meniconi, leading company in the production of panel saws, has been engaged for more than 60 years in the production of panel saws, wall saws and the modernization of their cutting techniques using the best advanced technologies to build cutting wood machines and cutting panels machines | vertical panel saws | horizontal panel saws | high thickness glass cutting | cnc machines to cut plastic materials and composites that totally complies with the regulations on workplace security.

SVP Wood series

Vertical and Horizontal panel saws – Wood


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SVP Wood series

Wood and panels cutting

Discover Putsch Meniconi range of vertical panel saws and horizontal panel saws to cut wood panels, plastic materials, composites and insulated panels. This hi tech company since 1956, its establishment year, has wisely differentiated its milling machines production and nowadays proposes on the market the best cutting machines to thusands of customers all over the World. Putsch Meniconi guarantees a 24 hours 24 hours and 7 days 7 days assistance to all its Italian and International customers.





SVP Glass series

Vertical panel saws – glass


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SVP Glass series

Glass Cutting

Putsch Meniconi has built for more than 60 years the most appreciated and famous automatic panel saws to cut high-tickness glass, armored glass and anti-blaze glass. SVP glass panel saws are the best multifunction machines existing in the World that guarantees absolute precision in cutting armored glass, laminated glass or antiblaze glass cutting. All cutting glass machines made by Putsch Meniconi have an unparalleled standard equipment that enables the cutting of all glass materials.


CNC working center


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CNC Alucenter

Plastic and Composite panels

Putsch Meniconi since 1956 is the leading company in Italy and the World in the designing, creation and trading of plastic cutting machines and composites cutting machines perfectly compliant with regulations. Today Putsch Meniconi plastic material, alucobond, dibond cutting machines are used and appreciated by all the biggest joineries, hobby companies, do-it-yourself and metalware companies in Italy, Europe and the rest of the World.

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Video Magazine

<< Putsch Meniconi Company profile >>

Enter soon in Putsch Meniconi World ! Look at the interesting Video News of Putsch Meniconi headquarters situated in the Tuscan art city of Poggibonsi ! Look at our cosy and comfortable direction, trade & administrative offices ! Get to know Putsch Meniconi staff that develops and produces the best cutting materials machines ! Discover our high-tech assembly lines where our specilized technicians produce and assemble Putsch Meniconi panel saws !  Enjoy the show !


Putsch Meniconi: a Dynamic Management with a Production Branch for the Production and Assembly of Panel Saws

In Putsch Meniconi headquarters work more than 50 first-rate human resources. In Putsch Meniconi administration and trade offices work the best planners, technical and sales advisors. Each of these professionals is always at Putsch Meniconi customers’s service in more than 75 nations, from the purchasing of a vertical panel saw, horizontal panel saw and cnc machine till there’s the need of a prompt assistance.
Putsch Meniconi strongly believes in the continuous technological innovation of its panel saw machines and cnc machines. Every year Putsch Meniconi invests a large part of its turnover in the research and innovation activities on its machinery. The specialised experts that work at Putsch Meniconi are everyday engaged in looking for new construction materials and experimenting innovative horizontal and vertical cut systems with Putsch Meniconi Spa machines.
In the production and assembly workshops work the best professionals with an excellent knowledge of mechanics and electric fields acquired thanks to the attendance at the best technical institutes. Putsch Meniconi machine production, assembly and functioning clerks safely manage the entire productive process that takes place in a 9000 sq.m. area.

A look at Putsch Group in the World

Putsch Group is an International Trust between some of the best hi-tech companies in the World. The head office of this company holding is located in Hagen, Germany. Putsch Group is successful and appreciated all over the World for it always gives its customers tailor-made material cutting machines totally safe, fully compliant with regulations and a continuous customized assistance. Putsch Meniconi products and services are high quality ones thanks to the continuous formation and perfectioning of every human resource employed in every company of the group. Putsch Group company policy is totally customer oriented that is intended to favour the reduction of company costs, the productivity growth and, consequently, the growing of the turnover of everyone of its customers.


Putsch Meniconi, company located in Poggibonsi the heart of Tuscany, is among the best companies in designing and building cnc machines, cutting wood machines, glass cutting, plastic materials cutting and composites cutting. Today Putsch Meniconi Spa vertical panel saws and horizontal panel saws are the safest, the most reliable and powerful present in the market.

Putsch Meniconi has a widespread presence all over the World to sell cutting materials machines and cnc machines. This is possible thanks to the spread all over the planet of Putsch Meniconi selling points, authorized cousellors and specialised technicians. Our company employs innumerable collaborators located in each of the 5 continents and thousands of fixing technicians for a prompt assistance when and where the customer needs it.

The horizontal panel saws to cut wood, cutting plastic materials, glass cutting and composites cutting are designed by Putsch Meniconi in Italy. Our company produces everyone of its models employing the best technical experts present in Italy to give to each customer its best customized cutting, sectioning and squaring solution.

The Best Working Method of the World specially designed by Putsch Meniconi for theirs Customers

Choosing one or more wood cutting, plastic materials cutting, alucobond cutting, composites cutting, glass cutting panel machines made by Putsch Meniconi permits to enjoy important advantages. In fact, customer has benefits on the productive (maximum speed) and environmental (minimal acoustic and atmosferic pollution) plans. Italian and international customer have great economic advantages (Putsch Meniconi horizontal and vertical panel saws work perfectly in eco modality saving electric energy) and compliance with laws (all Putsch Meniconi panel saws are equipped with secutiry tools compliant with European regulations).


24 h 24 and 7 days 7 Guaranteed Assistance everywhere in the World

Putsch Meniconi is the leader in giving a customized technical assistance through technicians dislocated all over the World. Everyone of these valued and known professionals is ready to intervene 24 hours 24 and 7 days 7 to every international destination finding within a short time the safest and most effective customized technical solution for each first aid request by each customer.


The Best customized solutions proposed by Putsch Meniconi

Putsch Meniconi, through a continuous technical study carried out by its staff always finds the best technical solution perfectly adequate to meet the needs of every Italian and international customer.


Guaranteed World Coverage by the Best Panel Saws Dealers.

Putsch Meniconi has an extensive coverage of dealers equally distributed all over the 5 continents of the World. They are Putsch Meniconi sales advisors and specialized technical advisors always prepared to meet customers’needs.


Overestimation of Material Cutting Machines and Second-Hand Panel Saws

Putsch Meniconi dealers are equally displaced all over the World they overestimate second hand woodworking machines, second hand glass cutting machines, second hand plastic cutting machines and composite cutting machine. To get an evaluation without obligation of your second hand cnc machine, second hand vertical panel saw or second hand horizontal panel saw ask for a customized estimation now.


Putsch Meniconi Machines customizedly installable for every customer

Putsch Meniconi through a network of technical maintainers spread all over the World guarantees the perfect installation of each cnc machine, woodcutting machine, plastic materials cutting machine, glass cutting machine, composites cutting machine and panel saw. Putsch Meniconi company policy considers a priority the full cutomer’s satisfaction (joineries, glasshouses, graphic companies…).


Everyday satisfying the needs of every customer in Italy or abroad

This is the Pustch Meniconi imperative that makes customer orientation its trademark. Every customer has its space needs, productive capacity, time optimisation; Putsch Meniconi is active 24 hours 24, 7 days 7.

Putsch Meniconi Management

A solid company organization is at the basis of the most known international corporations and this is the case of Putsch Meniconi company too. This Tuscan hi tech company memeber of German Putsch Group has 5 managers at is vertix. Franco Renzi, at Putsch Meniconi since 1972, has been Putsch Meniconi CEO since 1997 and the main supporter of the innovation and sperimentation policy of Putsch Meniconi. He is assisted in the General Administration of Putsch Meniconi by Eng. Marco Mari, Operative Director of this important Poggibonsi technical company. Other prominent people in the Management of Putsch Meniconi in the Commercial Sector and Customer Interface are:  Marco Galgani,  Marco Ammannati and  Giulio Fabrini.


Franco Renzi

CEO since 1997

At Putsch Meniconi since 1972


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Ing. Marco Mari

Operative director

At Putsch Meniconi since 1999


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Marco Galgani

Trade manager GDS brico Italy, South America, Spain, Portugal, France and Belgium.

At Putsch Meniconi since 1989


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Giulio Fabrini

Trade manager North America, Northern Europe, Balkans, Middle East.

At Putsch Meniconi since 2001


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Marco Ammannati

Trade manager Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia and Oceania.

At Putsch Meniconi since 2007


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Putsch Meniconi Spa: Diversity, Creativity, Respect for Nature… The Ideal Working Environment!

Putsch Meniconi Management is strongly engaged in respecting its employees that day by day create an ideal working environment where the diversity of human resources is respected and promoted. Putsch Meniconi is a company engaged in the eco sustainability of its cutting, plastic material and joinery machinery. The entire range of Putsch Meniconi cnc machines, vertical panel saws, cutting wood machines, plastic material cutting machines, composites cutting machines are compliant with CE regulations.

Customer Care: Putsch Meniconi Spa Best Practice

Putsch Meniconi, in all goods categories concerning it, guarantees a prompt 24 hours a day and 7 days 7 days Customer Assistance both for cutting wood machines, cutting plastic machines, Ledorex cut, brand new cnc machines, second-hand cutting machines and cutting panel saws machinery dating back to 5, 10, 20 or more years ago. Putsch Meniconi Spa has the current best programs to identify each component of every horizontal panel saw and vertical panel saw. Putsch Meniconi also has a great database including more than 20.000 items, that is components specially studied to guarantee national and international customers great ease of use and productive cheapness.


Request Information. Within 24 hours our technical advisors will find the best solution to meet all your needs.



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